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D 5 NOTICE OF OBLIGATION TO All Candidates for Nomination, Election or Retention to Public Office and for Questions of Public Policy This letter is to officially notify you of your filing obligation under Article 9 of the Election Code An Act to Regulate Campaign FinancingUniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Registration GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS The Form U5 is the Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Registration Brokerdealers, investment advisers, or issu ers of securities must use this form to terminate the registration of an individual in the appropriate jurisdictions andlor selfNotice Types Collections Payment Plans Need help paying tax due Once you receive a notice , immediately request an installment payment agreement to avoid forced collection action Garnishments An attachment and garnishment is an order requiring that money be withheld from a taxpayer’s wages, bank accounts, or other intangible propertyThe notice is only valid if the landlord serves all pages to the tenant There are rules about how and when a landlord can serve notice – be sure to do it correctly Lookup the rules for serving notices Disputing a Notice to End Tenancy5 3, 5 10 2022 7193016 SUFFIELD CONSERVATION COMMISSION LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING INLAND WETLAND AGENCY On Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 7 30 p m , the Suffield Conservation More Appeared in Hartford Courant on andFor Sunday Holiday delivery, add 12 50 Parcels that exceed 22 inches but not greater than 30 inches in length, add 4 00 Effective April 3, 2022 Parcels that exceed 30 inches in length, add 15 00 Effective April 3, 2022Option 1 File online without creating a Prior Notice Express account File Online Option 2 File Prior Notice by Email or Fax Simply select, download, complete, and email or fax us the appropriate form Select a language English Espa ol Fran ais Italiano 中文 Select a shipment method Express Carriers Mail Baggage Land, Sea, and Air3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye, ’ when there is the log in your own eye 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother s eyeHowever, please note that you must add 5 days each way for mail time If you mail the 3 day notice add 5 days for the notice to be delivered via the mail to the tenant and 5 days for the tenants response to be delivered via the mail to you In other words if you use the mail to deliver the 3 day notice it actually becomes a 13 day noticeThe Entry notice Form 9 is used to give notice to tenants about an entry by the lessor agent Important The RTA is going paperless and will cease bulk printing of all forms and publications from 1 January 2020 The Entry notice is completed by the property manager owner and given to the tenant It informs the tenant of the property managerA 5 day notice must include Date of notice , Address of property and unit number if any , Date lease will end more than 5 days after the date of the notice , Amount owed not including costs and fees , and That the tenant has 5 days to pay in full If the tenant pays within the 5 days, the landlord must take the moneyGive your tenant notice If you re having a problem with a tenant or want them to move out for a legal reason, you must tell them in writing before taking any legal action This is called giving notice A Notice is a written warning that you’re going to start a court case if they don’t move out or fix a problem5 110 Notice of consumer s right to cure 1 With respect to a consumer credit transaction, after a consumer has been in default for 10 days for failure to make a required payment and has not voluntarily surrendered possession of goods that are collateral, a creditor may give the consumer the notice described in this section For purposes ofI certify that Notice of Estate Administration required by Pa O C Rule 10 5 of the Orphans’ Court Rules was served on or mailed to the following beneficiaries of the above captioned estate on , Name Address If more space is needed, attach separate sheet Notice has now been given to all persons entitled thereto under Pa O C Rule 10Notice , the upfront guaranty fee will continue to depend on the loan amount and the maturity of the loan a For loans with a maturity that exceeds 12 months, the fees are i For loans of 150, 000 or less 2 of the guaranteed portion The Lender may retain no more than 25 of the fee i e , at least 1 5 must be remitted to SBANotice required to end a tenancy The amount of notice required to end a tenancy depends on how long the tenant has lived in the property The lease agreement may give a longer period of notice to the tenant, and a landlord and tenant may also agree a shorter period of notice , however, this can only be agreed when a notice has been givennotice to the individual who is the subject of this filing Even if you are no longer registered you continue to be subject to the jurisdiction of regulators for at least two years after your registration is terminated and may have to provide information …A covered entity is required to promptly revise and distribute its notice whenever it makes material changes to any of its privacy practices See 45 CFR 164 520 b 3 , 164 520 c 1 i C for health plans, and 164 520 c 2 iv for covered health care providers with direct treatment relationships with individuals Providing the NoticeEviction Notice Response A lot of tenants call us when they ve received a 5 day notice , or when they are worried they might It s scary to hear their concern, and we try to help them by working out what they might be most successful doing, based on the law Advice 1 DON T PANIC This isn t an eviction in court, yet, and it s possible to work2 A copy of the notice given under section 45 and the notice with the endorsement referred to in this section must be sent by registered mail to the associate chair of the Mediation Division within 3 days after notice is given under subsection 1 of this sectionBurn Notice Season 1 2007 Michael is holding a Smith amp Wesson 5906 The following weapons were used in Season 1 of the series Burn Notice Contents 1 Pistols FN P90 TR with rail and EOTech holographic Sight this is a real movie blank adapted firearm 5 7x28mm Michael checks out the FN P90 in quot Family Business quot S1E05The first paragraph of Rule 5 02 is amended to address service of pleadings and other papers in cases in which an attorney has filed a notice of limited scope representation or a notice of limited appearance for an otherwise self represented person, pursuant to Rule 11 01 b Advisory Commission Comments 2020a tenant has five days to respond to a notice of a landlord’s intent to file for eviction In June 2020, the Chicago City Council approved the COVID 19 Eviction Protection Ordinance, which extends that period another seven days for a total of 12 days, if the tenant writes the landlord stating that they have had a “COVID 19 Impact ”D05 Local Notice to Mariners Weekly messages informing subscribers when the Coast Guard District Local Notices to Mariners LNM is available for downloading from the Navigation Center website Please subscribe to receive email updates here5 A tenant may dispute a notice under this section by making an application for dispute resolution within 10 days after the date the tenant receives the notice 6 If a tenant who has received a notice under this section does not make an application for dispute resolution in accordance with subsection 5 , the tenantThis page is a work in progress Please add any missing locations to the list Hogwarts Notice Boards are used as elements of two side quests Frog Choir Quarrel which requires four notice boards and Antic Advertisement which requires five The player may use the same boards for both quests For Notice Boards in Hogsmeade for quest Extracurricular Learning see …b 5 In all actions brought under this Section 9 118, no predicate notice of termination or demand for possession shall be required to initiate an eviction action c When a complaint has been filed under this Section, a hearing on the complaint shall be scheduled on any day after the expiration of 14 days following the filing of the complaintA Guide to Federal Government ACH Payments 5 1 Green Book 5 Reclamations 5 Chapter 5 Reclamations 5 Reclamations Overview Section 1 defines reclamation and provides some background information on the subject Section 2 covers an RDFI’s liability in the reclamation process Topics include full and limited1 NOTICE The landlord must give the tenant a written notice stating what the problem is and that the rental agreement will terminate after 5 days if the problem is not fixed in 5 days A R S 33 1368 A In an action for material breach of the rental agreement materially affecting health and safety, the landlord cannot file the evictionNotice of Address or Notice of 5 Address for Service by Mail if different from Item 3 Post Office Box Only City Town Province Postal Code NOTE If this is a change, please read instructions carefully Notice of Address or Notice of Change of Address BUSINESS CORPORATIONS ACTThe below listed documents may not be readable via Optical Character Recognition To receive public notices via email, please call 502 315 6733 and indicate that you would like to be placed on the public notice electronic distribution list You should also request the quot Area of Interest quot KY, IN, IL, OH, Ohio River, and Coal in which you would like to receive public noticesSeller s Disclosure Notice Concerning the Property at This form was prepared by the Texas Real Estate Commission in accordance with Texas Property Code 5 008 b and is to be used in conjunction with a contract for the sale of real property entered into …Notice to Owner of Florida, Inc provides a notice service for customers, such as you, who wish to protect their lien rights We prepare a document within statutory guidelines notifying the owner of their responsibility to ensure you get paid We run a complete title search on the property where you are workingb 5 Notice with respect to residential real estate With respect to residential real estate, the notice required under subsection b of this Section shall be sent to the mortgagor even if the mortgagor has previously been held in default In the event the mortgagor has filed an appearance, the notice shall be sent to the address indicated onFORM 5 Residential Tenancies Act 1995 NOTICE OF TERMINATION BY TENANT FOR A PERIODIC TENANCY GENERAL FORM Note A tenant cannot use this form to terminate a fixed term tenancy, if a tenant wishes to terminate a fixed term tenancy at the end of the fixed term, Form4B must be used In any other case application mustWritten notice shall be given to those persons entitled to notice , who have not waived notice , and notice by publication shall be given to interested parties, as provided by law and the Rules of Civil Procedure Date Probate Judge FORM 5 0 APPLICATION TO RELIEVE ESTATE FROM ADMINISTRATION 5 3 99NOTICE REGARDING TAKING UP LEFT OVER MATTERS OF COURT NO 2 ON 12 05 2022 THURSDAY IN COURT NO 2 AT 3 00 P M 12 May 2022 Helpline Numbers of Court Masters Court Moderators for 12 05 2022 12 May 2022 Notice regarding cancellation of Single Judge Bench matters and Chamber matters listed in Court No 15 on 13 05 2022 12 May …ceived any notice , in writing or otherwise, of an adverse personnel action, whichever occured first Additional information is available at the DOL web site at www osha gov Filing an allegation, complaint, or request for action with the NRC does not extend the requirement to file a complaint with the DOL within 180 daysE USER NOTICE Default User generated run time notice The script found something that might be an error, but could also happen when running a script normallyTo publish the notice please contact us at 714 796 2209 Monday Friday 8 00 am 5 00 pm Revise Your Search All Dates Today Last 7 days Last 30 days Last 60 days Select date rangeFrom your hobby to your career, your class notes to your final exam, your mood board to your runway show, padlets help you organize your lifeBlumberg blank paper and online legal forms are respected by courts and attorneys for ease of use and the breath of practice areas covered Whether you need an apartment lease, power of attorney, certificate to conduct business under an assumed name DBA or blank forms for other legal needs, it s likely you ll find the right form here State specific and nationwide legal formsPASCOE, Barry Baz In Notices by Stan Crapp FuneralsMay 9, 2022 Leave a Comment of Kiama Passed away peacefully on Saturday, 7 th of May 2022 … Read NoticeNotice to Pay or Quit A Notice to Pay or Quit is legal notification to a Tenant that rent must be paid or the Landlord will initiate actions to recapture the premises Our Notice to Pay or Quit document is easily customizable to your situation and is effective for all jurisdictionsUse the Landlord s Notice of Non Renewal document if You do not want to offer your tenant a lease extension As a landlord, one of the hardest things is dealing with an unwanted tenant, but giving notice of non renewal is a way out if you need one Many times a landlord will allow a tenant to remain on the property simply because it is easierOffer at least two weeks notice Even though you ve only been with the company for a short period of time, giving two weeks notice is appropriate Some companies even have a set policy for how many weeks notice is required But if you have the flexibility, you could offer to stay for three or four weeks, if your manager prefers itRule 3 1700 a 1 provides in relevant part “A prevailing party who claims costs must serve and file a memorandum of costs within 15 days after the date of mailing of the notice of entry of judgment or dismissal by the clerk under Code of Civil Procedure section 664 5 or the date of service of written notice of entry of judgment or dismissaljudicial notice and allows for a hearing if the parties disagree In 2014, 90 204 4 was amended to read In family cases, the court may take judicial notice of any matter described in 90 202 6 when imminent danger to persons or property has been alleged and it is impractical to give prior notice to the parties of the intent to take judicialPenalty notices can be issued on the spot or sent by mail Samples of penalty notices are included in Appendix 1 In the case of litter from a vehicle, the owner of the vehicle receives the notice and must pay the fine The exception to this is where the owner was not in the vehicle at the relevant time, andFind a specific death notice On the home page you have a few options to help you find the notice you are looking for If you only know the surname of the deceased, enter that into the quot surname quot field and click quot search quot This returns all notices matching that surname published in the last 7 days Change the quot from quot and quot to quot dates, as necessaryLaw Enforcement, Grand Jury, and Prosecution Forms AO 85 Notice , Consent, and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge Civil Forms AO 85A Notice , Consent, and Reference of a Dispositive Motion to a Magistrate Judge Civil Forms AO 86A Consent to Proceed Before a Magistrate Judge in a Misdemeanor CaseThe notice shall contain the information set out in Section A 1 and 2 above and a description of the temporary or limited status, including the date the temporary status ends or the scope of the limited representationThe 2022 Florida Statutes 713 13 Notice of commencement — 1 a Except for an improvement that is exempt pursuant to s 713 02 5 , an owner or the owner’s authorized agent before actually commencing to improve any real property, or recommencing completion of any improvement after default or abandonment, whether or not a project has aYes You are entitled to be paid your wages for the hours you worked up to the date you quit your job In general, it is unlawful to withhold pay for example holiday pay from workers who do not work their full notice unless a clear written term in the employment contract allows the employer to make deductions from pay Without such a term, failing to pay your wages in fullEmployer requirement to provide notice to employees Employers with employees working in Washington state must provide the following notice to employees who may be eligible for Paid Family and Medical Leave the later of • Five business days after an employee’s seventh consecutive day of absence due to family or medicalINSOLVENCY Place an insolvency notice Search for corporate insolvency notices View personal insolvency notices Buy corporate and personal insolvency data Access important industry informationa A notice of appeal shall be filed within 30 days after entry of the appealable decision or judgment complained of but when a motion for new trial, a motion in arrest of judgment, or a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict has been filed, the notice shall be filed within 30 days after the entry of the order granting, overrulingthe agency must provide notice to the individual which includes • The law or authority for collecting the SSN • How DHS will use the SSN • Whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary Notice regarding the collection, use, and authorization of Social Security Numbers must beThe employer keeps a copy of the notice and acknowledgement form The Instructional Guide of how to complete this notice is found below Instructional Guide Notice Given Indicate the reason the form is being provided to the employee Section 1 Employer and Employee Complete all fields Section 2 Pay Frequency and Pay Day801 15 5 5 Whenever a party has the right or is required to do some act or take some proceedings within a prescribed period after the service of a notice or other paper upon the party 801 15 5 a a If the notice or paper is served by mail, 3 …An eviction notice does not have to be notarized just signed by the landlord or an agent of the landlord You may send your landlord notice to repair the premises and give him reasonable time to repair it If he fails to repair it, you may repair the premises and sue him for the cost of repair or the court could reduce the amount of your rentThis is a notice of an opportunity to provide pro bono representation in the case of Garrison v Pope, Case No 5 19 cv 291 TKW MJF Plaintiff, an inmate in the custody of the Florida Department of Corrections, alleges that two Defendants violated his rights under the Eighth Amendment of the United States ConstitutionWhen there’s severe weather or other uncontrollable events, check for travel alerts that could affect your flight schedule, arrival times, and much moreThe notice will contain details of the trip and the amount to pay This notice is sent to the person registered to the vehicle that used the toll road There is an administration fee of 4 90 per notice issued Avoid the extra charge by paying your toll before or immediately after using a toll roadWelcome to the Environmental Protection Agency EPA Central Data Exchange CDX the Agency s electronic reporting site The Central Data Exchange concept has been defined as a central point which supplements EPA reporting systems by performing new and existing functions for receiving legally acceptable data in various formats, including consolidated and integrated …The Section 21 Notice pack is the perfect solution for landlords who need to evict a tenant before or after the fixed term has expired Simply give 2 months notice and follow the instructions in this pack to ensure a smooth and legal eviction processAOL latest headlines, entertainment, sports, articles for business, health and world newsTRADER NOTICE To Importers and Persons Responsible for Consignments TN 04 2022 Triangular trade Triangular trade occurs when a product is imported from one country country A into another country country B and then re exported to another country country CNotice 공지사항 해운대가야밀면 7차 무료 교육 모집 2022 03 06 제 6차 밀면 무료 교육 선착순 5 2022 02 23 5 차 밀면 무료 교육 선착순Public and International Notice It s Not quot My quot Process to the Generals 5 0 By Anna Von Reitz From time to time I overhear some Wiseacre snarking that quot my quot process doesn t work, or quot my quot process isn t necessary, or quot my quot process is suspect because I have a foreign last name, or because I m a woman as opposed to being a transgenderA 5 day eviction notice must be served in one of the following three ways 1 by delivering a written or printed copy to the tenant, 2 by leaving a copy with someone age 13 or older who resides at the premises, or 3 by sending a copy to the tenant by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested 735 ILCS 5 9 211Special Notice 5 2013 Page 2 of 2 Item 2 Smoke Test Temperature Measurement VOSA is aware some DSM manufacturers service agents are of the opinion that there has been a change to the diesel smoke test following the issue of the update to …Form 5 Office of Residential Tenancies Questions about your rights Contact the Office of Residential Tenancies at 1 888 215 2222 or ORT gov sk ca or visit Saskatchewan ca ort To tenants legal occupants of rental address , Saskatchewan Take Notice that on the rent for the premises will increase from per month to per monthRULE 5 040 NOTICE a Formal Notice 1 When formal notice is given, a copy of the pleading or motion shall be served on interested persons, together with a notice requiring the person served to serve written defenses on the person giving notice within 20 days after service of the notice , exclusive of the day of service, and to file theEudraLex Volume 2 Pharmaceutical legislation on notice to applicants and regulatory guidelines for medicinal products for human use Volume 2 of the publications quot The rules governing medicinal products in the European Union quot contains a list of regulatory guidelines related to procedural and regulatory requirements such as renewal proceduresSee interpretation of 5 a Change in terms in Supplement I 1 Advance notice required A depository institution shall give advance notice to affected consumers of any change in a term required to be disclosed under 1030 4 b of this part if the change may reduce the annual percentage yield or adversely affect the consumerNotice , all by itself, is defined as information, an announcement, or a warning given in advance of an event It can also refer to the notification of the end of a contract or agreement Could you subtract “advance” from the quotes above and still get the sense of the paragraph Many think so They find advance notice unnecessarily wordynotice 5 Application for leave to serve a late notice Upon application, the court, in its discretion, may extend the time to serve a notice of claim specified in paragraph a of subdivision one of this section, whether such service was made upon a public corporation or the secretary of state The extension shall not exceed the time limited5 Like the cigarette thing all of the hot takes and news items of the moment now feel like really loud background noise that I didn’t notice was there at all until it turned off There is a sense of quiet and directedness to my thoughts that is allowing me to …N 21 5 Page 2 of 2 All the above deadlines occurring during the period beginning on or after September 2, 2022, and ending on or before October 17, 2022, have been postponed for 90 days Note This notice does not extend the time to make the election to participate inthe Pass through Entity Tax or the Employer CompensationThe duty to give notice is a part of your contract If either you or your employer doesn t give the right notice then this will be a breach of contract This can occur if the contract requires notice to be given in writing but it was only given verbally if not enough notice or none at all is given14 Day Notice for Substantial Breach 14 Day Eviction Notice The landlord must give the tenant 14 clear days notice This means that the landlord cannot count the day the notice is served on the tenant, and the landlord cannot count the day the tenant moves out Example A tenant has been having late parties and disturbing other tenants5 That an election to take an elective share must be filed within the time provided by law c Copy of Will Unless the court directs otherwise, the personal representative of a testate estate must, upon written request, furnish a copy of the will and all codicils admitted to probate to any person on whom the notice of administration was servedIf your employer decides to pay you in lieu of notice , you will normally receive this payment with your final termination pay You should be paid your full rate of pay for the hours you would have worked until the end of the notice period Your full rate of pay includes any overtime, penalty rates, allowances, bonuses or commissions you wouldWhen a notice to quit is served, it can be a confusing and frightening time for the tenant, and in many cases, the landlord files the notice as a last resort and would rather find another way to resolve the issue Sometimes, there simply can be no remedy between a landlord and a tenant and the eviction process is the only way to remedy the situationE a written notice , appearance, demand, or offer of judgment, or any similar paper 2 If a Party Fails to Appear No service is required on a party who is in default for failing to appear But a pleading that asserts a new claim for relief against such a party must be served on that party under Rule 4 3 Seizing PropertyIt also detailed the required notice periods and the form that a notice of termination must take The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2015 amended the 2004 Act It increased the required notice periods for terminating tenancies of 5 years or over and brought housing association tenancies under the remit of the Residential Tenancies Board5 notice to a subsequent buyer of the facts stated in the correction instrument b A correction instrument replaces and is a substitute for the original instrument Except as provided by Subsection c , a bona fide purchaser of property that is subject to a correction instrument may rely on the instrument against any person making anAs notice periods can vary from 30 days to half a year, savers will have to decide for themselves what the best notice account is for them and if they think they’ll need to withdraw money at shorter notice Don’t forget to consider how you can manage the account, either, as this will limit how quickly you’ll be able to request accessView Notice Details 1st March 2022 John O’DONNELL Donegal O’DONNELL, John Clontarf, Dublin 3 and formerly of Kilcar, Co Donegal February 26, 2022 peacefully , in the care of the doctors, nurses and staff of Beaumont Hospital, beloved husband View Notice DetailsIgnore PHP Notice Undefined variable You can ignore this notice by disabling reporting of notice with option error reporting 1 Disable Display Notice in php ini file Open php ini file in your favorite editor and search for text “error reporting” the default value is E ALL You can change it to E ALL amp E NOTICESECTION III – NOTICE OF RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Part A FMLA Leave Entitlement You have a right under the FMLA to take unpaid, job protected FMLA leave in a 12 month period for certain family and medical reasons, including up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12 month period for the birth of a child or placement of aThis is the minimum notice period your employer can give you Your statutory notice depends on how many years you ve worked for your employer when you re given notice Time with your employer Minimum notice 1 month to 2 years 1 week 2 years or more 1 week for each full year, up to a maximum of 12 weeksa general notice containing the same information that is in the poster in its employee handbook or other written material about leave and benefits If no handbook or written leave materials exist, the employer must distribute this general notice to new employees upon hire Employers may meet this general noticeNote A Notice of Intent NOI must be submitted a minimum of forty eight 48 hours prior to initiation of land disturbing activities to meet the requirements of the CSGP MS4s may have additional requirements that must be met prior to the submittal of the NOI It is the responsibility of the project site owner to understand and meet theseFiling this notice does not prevent any other party from continuing with their case and obtaining orders including for costs Legal advice To understand your legal rights and responsibilities you should obtain legal advice A lawyer can explain how the law applies to your case and assist you to complete forms and lodge documentsThis question is kind of a multiple part question Lets assume I were to give my two week noticed today on November 7th, 2012 Is the two week notice strictly 10 works days, or the end of two work weeks and if two work weeks , does this partial week count as one of those weeks or does it need to be two full weeksUnless you wear a paper hat to work, the generally accepted etiquette of quitting dictates you give two weeks’ notice before jumping ship But the reality is, it’s rarely so cut and dry Sometimes, you have to begin your new position pronto, and two weeks is all you can reasonably offer Others, staying even two weeks is just prolonging the5 Day Notice For nonpayment of rent, a 5 day notice is required to be served Should the tenant pay the entire rent within the 5 days, or if he or she pays the rent beyond the 5 days but before the landlord files a Summons and Complaint for Forcible Entry and Detainer, the eviction process cannot be continuedToronto Expansion Protocol for Court Hearings During COVID 19 Pandemic Notice of Amendments Effective February 16, 2022 Paragraphs C 1 5 and C 2 3 c now provide that the Civil Motion Confirmation Form is to be emailed to the court by 2 00 p m five 5 days prior to the hearing, excluding weekends and holidays In the case of an abandoned motion where the …1 If an employee resigns just before completing 5 years say 4 years and 11 months and is serving the notice period when 5 years are completed, is he eligible for gratuity 2 In similar circumstances, if the company pays him a basic salary but asks him to …Noncompliance with rules CHAPTER 5 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO DEFEND 134 Application of ch 5 135 No step without notice of intention to defend 136 Defendant may act by solicitor or in person 137 Time for notice of intention to defend 138 Late filing of …Mikkel Bondesen 4 Episodes 2010 Jeffrey Donovan 3 Episodes 2013 Colin Bucksey 3 Episodes 2011 Kevin Bray 3 Episodes 2010 Jeremiah Chechik
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